FAB 208 was opened in New York's East Village in 1992 by husband and wife team

Alan Smith and Jo Custance-Smith.

Alan is a New Yorker born and bred and Jo a transplanted Londoner, they

both grew up in their respective cities in the glory days for fashion of the late 70's with disco and punk and 80's with rock and roll and street fashion at its best, and decided to open a store to showcase their way of dressing modern young women who like to look good and get noticed.


Big suporters

of recycling, a portion of the designs have always been either redesigned vintage clothing or clothing made using recycled textiles. Also big supporters of things still being made in the city, every piece is made nearby on the Lower East Side and proudly bears a MADE IN NEW YORK tag.

The range of merchandise covers

just about every category, from jewelry to fascinators, studded handbags to sequin detailed fedora's, every day simple work dresses to silk dresses from the 1950's with skulls or owls screen printed on them to give them a second act.

You are never left to work out for yourself what was designed with your body type in mind, the designers are there, hands on, to guide you towards what will look best on you and then accessorize you to max the look.

Not shy about telling the honest truth, they will always send you out looking your best.

FAB 208 is the kind of store that NYC used to boast many of, nowadays it is not so easy for emerging or independent designers to compete with corporate owned chain stores, but FAB prevails due to a passion for their craft and an equally passionate customer base, some of whom have been with them from high school, thru college and now onto careers in everything from teaching pre K to high powered law and finance companies, they still come

to FAB when they want to look great for a good price.

Alan and Jo plan to keep doing that for you for a long time.